I am an artist dealing with personal, social and political themes. I carve stone because I feel it is the least artificial of art forms and the most enduring to our humanity. While classical imagery of the figure is predominantly from a male perspective, my work is often that of a woman carving the story of woman in the first person. Much of my figurative sculpture focuses on an unapologetic pose, front on and present, a portrait of woman as participant in the viewing of herself. Instead of trying to carve figures and images -- whether realistic or abstract, I try to carve what it feels like to be human, to convey the unspoken emotions of our being here, to create an image of the intangible.


mj ancersonMJ Anderson Work in progress: autumn 2009

Vestito della Sera, 2011, Onyx, 14 x 8 x 6 inches and B'tween Heaven and Earth 2014